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Helping Heroes: Family Lives Customer Success Story

We created a billing system with FileMaker Pro so that our client could focus on providing quality care.   As the system was developed, both the management and treatment staff at Family Lives realized more ways in which this system could improve the quality of care and reduce the administrative overhead of their organization. This resulted […]


FileMaker 16 New Layout Objects Window

“Where is that field? How do I select the sliding panel behind the portal?” In FileMaker land, we’ve had the ability to stack objects since version 1.0. And ever since then, it’s also been possible to lose objects behind one another. You have to know exactly where the object is in the FileMaker Layout Objects […]


Hello FileMaker 16

FileMaker 16 is here and the release of a new version of FileMaker and upgrades can cause mixed emotions – excitement, concern, confusion, stress, to name a few. Our advice: take a deep breath and review this guide, which will explain what you can expect from FileMaker 16 and its new features. Then, feel free […]