Save Records as PDF in FileMaker WebDirect

Wishes do come true! FileMaker 16 Supports PDF!

Thank you, FileMaker 16! My wish has been granted; we are now able to Save Records as PDF in FileMaker WebDirect. Goodbye robot processes and hello FileMaker WebDirect! FileMaker WebDirect users have faced challenges when trying to generate PDFs. One common workaround that we’ve implemented at The Support Group was to create a “Robot” process, […]

FileMaker 16 Product Release

Hello FileMaker 16

FileMaker 16 is here and the release of a new version of FileMaker and upgrades can cause mixed emotions – excitement, concern, confusion, stress, to name a few. Our advice: take a deep breath and review this guide, which will explain what you can expect from FileMaker 16 and its new features. Then, feel free […]